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Requirements for scientific articles:

1. The article should be written on the currently important subject, include the results of scientific research and grounds of the received scientific results in accordance with the objectives and tasks of the article, which should not be narrow (in terms of coverage of interested audience).

2. The last page of the article should contain original research confirmation, certified by signatures of authors (in scanned format) as follows:

I (we) full name, author (s) of the article "..." certify that it presents a self-made research and contains no plagiarism.

I (we) ensure that article has not been previously published nor submitted to other publications.

3. The total volume of the article should be 6-13 pages (A4, font "Times New Roman", 14 point, line spacing 1.5 (reference lists - in 1,0 spacing), page parameters (banks) - 2 cm on all sides, indention - 1.25 cm).

4. Graphic material should be done in programs available for further editing: tables in Microsoft Word Editor; diagrams in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Graph Editor; drawings as organization charts by using Microsoft Word Drawing Editor; formulas in formulas editor.

5. Article must be structured according to the following elements:


Full name of the author (co-authors), scientific degree, place of work (in English to specify only that part of the name of the organization that refers to the concept of a legal person, do not indicate the name of the department, laboratory, other structural unit within the organization; be sure to indicate postal address (with index) of the organization where the author works, personal e-mail of the author, title of the article, summary, keywords

Everything in separate blocks in Ukrainian, Russian and English;

Problem statement (general description of the problem under analysis and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks);

Analysis of recent researches and publications (in which a solution of the problem was proposed and on which the author is based upon, here you should select unsolved parts of the problem which the article is devoted to;

The purpose of the article (consistent with a summary);

Main results of the study (with full grounding for received scientific results);

Conclusions (results of the study, the author’s propositions and perspectives for further research in this area, conclusions must meet objective and be consistent with abstract);

Literature;  References. - The number of references should not be less than eight!

7.  Abstract in English must be done in accordance with the requirements of international scientometric databases, not less than two pages.

8. Links to sources of used materials, factual and statistical data are obligatory (are submitted in the text in chronological order (not alphabetically) in numbers in square brackets and placed in the order of citations or references, literature is in the end.

9. References are submitted in original, designed in accordance with Ukrainian standard bibliographic description (Form 23 approved by HAC of Ukraine dated 03 March 2008, Number 147);

2) References are the same sources but in English, designed according to international bibliographic standards.


1) metadata in three languages ​​- English, Ukrainian and Russian:

Full name of the author(s)

Title of the article,

abstract of no less than 900 characters

Keywords and phrases - from 5 to 10,

Scientific degree and academic title of the author (s)

place of work and position of each of the authors,

email address

Important:  name of the file with the article – authors’ surnames; name of the file with the metadata - authors' surnames with the word "meta"; make sure to indicate the names of the authors in the subject of the letter.