Editorial board


Editorial board:

Editor – Danylenko A.S., Academician of NAAS, Dr of  Economics, Professor, Bila Tserkva NAU

Deputy Editor – Sakhnyuk V.V., Dr of Veterinary Medicine, Professor, Bila Tserkva NAU

Executive editor – Primak I.D., Dr of Agriculture Scs, Professor, Head of the Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science, Bila Tserkva NAU

Executive secretary – Sokolska M.O., head of editorial publishing centre, Bila Tserkva NAU


Members of the editorial board:

Vasylkivsky S.P., Dr of Agriculture Scs, Professor, Head of the Dpartment of  Crops Genetics, Breeding and Seed Production,  Bila Tserkva NAU

Vakhniy S.P., Dr of Agriculture Scs, Assistant Professor of the Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science, Bila Tserkva NAU

Demydas’ G.I., Dr of Agriculture Scs, Professor, Director of the Institute of Plant and Soil Science, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences

Stadnyk A.P., Dr of Agriculture Scs, Professor, Head of the Dpartment of Forestry, Botany and Plant Physiology,  academician of the  Forestry  Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Bila Tserkva NAU

Lavrov V.V., Dr of Agriculture Scs, Professor, Head of the Department of Applied Ecology, Bila Tserkva NAU

Chernyak V.M., Dr of Biol., Professor, Head of the Department of Landscape Architecture, Bila Tserkva NAU

Ivachenko O.O., Dr of Agriculture Scs, Professor, Academician of NAAS, Institute of bioenergy crops and sugar beet NAAS

Litvinenko M.A., Dr of Agriculture Scs, Professor, Academician of NAAS, head of the Laboratory for Wheat Breeding and Seed Production

Stasyev G.Ya, Dr of Biol., professor of the Department of  Soil Science and Soil Ecology, National Agricultural University of Moldova, Kyshyniv

Pierre Bazile, Ingénieur en chef des Ponts, des Eaux et des Forêts

Nataliya Tkachenko-Love, Ph.D (University of Warwick, UK)

Roy Browne, Phd (Agronomy), Lecturer in Agriculture, Writtle University College, UK, Essex

Shmyrova O.V., PhD. In Ped. Scs, head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Bila Tserkva NAU

Proceedings of the University "agrobiology" – special edition that give scientists, researchers and practitioners the opportunity to express the results of their research in agriculture
In editions of the magazine are questions concerning the most pressing issues of agricultural production in crop and livestock production, modern technologies of processing and storage, and promotion of products from producers to consumers and improving the economic mechanism for sustainable development agrosphere.Also, a separate release are issues of veterinary support livestock.
Much attention is paid to the economic justification of investment attractiveness of agricultural activities, ways of financing and efficiency, creation and optimization of different options, decision support systems, taking into account possible risks.
The basic principles of editorial policy are: relevance, accuracy, validity, scientific innovation, innovation in the articles publication. Subjects manuscripts submitted for publication must meet the academic areas of collections. Articles should not have the character of open or hidden advertising (anti-advertising). Editors reserve the right to edit submitted manuscripts to ensure compliance text grammatical, spelling, stylistic norms and rules.
Author (s) providing the manuscript for publication, automatically confirms that the submitted manuscript is given for the publication of the first, is the result of their research, and any use of these manuscripts research other persons or information from other sources issued in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine and international practice. Manuscripts are accepted for publication only if the author (s) agree (not) for open access to its articles through the Internet, through the web-site log information resource of the National Library of Ukraine. VI Vernadsky "Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine», electronic archive BNAU, scientometric databases and portals foreign scientific libraries.
The editorial board of scientific collections strives to ensure that publications were of interest not only to scientists in Ukraine, but also from foreign countries therefore encourages the publication, providing authors with other countries and groups of authors consisting with Ukrainian and foreign scientists.
Intellectual property rights to the results of research submitted as a manuscript to the editorial board, belongs to the author. All manuscripts submitted for publication undergo review.